HDR Light Studio Adds Motion Blur To HDRI Lighting


Lightmap has announced HDR Light Studio – Xenon Drop 3, the latest version of its HDR Creation and Editing Tool.  Light Studio allows you to easily create and edit HDR lighting (HDRI maps & HDR Area Lights) for your existing 3D software and renderer.

What’s New in HDR Light Studio Xenon Drop 3

Motion Blur: The new functions include a new filter that allows the user to add linear motion blur to HDRI lighting. You can simply use HDR Canvas to pick the direction and set the length of the blur – it’s that easy.

It also updated the Cinema 4D connection which provides a more responsive experience, along with several improvements to the user interface UI.

Technical information

  • With Motion Blur in HDR Light Studio you can:
  • Easily add linear motion blur to HDRI maps
  • Add motion blur to an edited HDRI map
  • Design a static lighting design and add motion blur to the whole design
  • Add moving objects to a static HDRI map
  • Add motion blur to certain areas of the map using masking/alpha

Read more about the release on the Lightmap website

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