Introduction to HDRI in Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D


Get begin with HDRI maps in Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D in this academic are you able to find out how you operate HDRI in Corona in C4D.  Add sky with HDRI in Emission slot of a Corona Light Material and  HDRI is used as background and Lighting also Rotate the HDRI ,Use a Filter for additional control over the HDRI’s Gamma, Contrast, etc.

HDRI in Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D


Using one Sky for lighting and another for background image with the Corona Compositing Tag Making the Skies order-independent using two Corona Compositing Tags

Render: Corona Renderer is well integrated into Cinema 4D, so you can use the native Cinema 4D commands Render View and Render to Picture Viewer, or you can open the Corona VFB using Corona > Corona VFB on the main toolbar (or use a shortcut icon if you create one) and click Render there.

Download Corona Renderer and know more 

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