High Quality Motion Capturing using MAYA(character animation)


In this tutorial i discuss about High Quality Motion Capturing using MAYA(character animation). I inspected their free model choice and gave them a name. It turned out that the agency turned into based in 2015 and particularly serves customers who quick want equipped made 3D characters, both on demand or via their on-line catalogue.

According to Andreas Mönke, who I talked with, the models are available in three variations: 3D textured items without or with rig, and fully lively ones. In this academic I’m using a fully animated mocap person.

High Quality Motion Capturing using MAYA(character animation)

The stage of element is notable. I asked Andreas how they movement captured the arms of the model, and he answered, the arms were NOT motion captured, because this is technically still too difficult. So, they animated the palms by using hand (pun meant), and the result is convincing. The degree of element is going as far as eye animation, but no facial animation (but).

Andreas additionally pointed out that the characters resemble actual humans. So, Sophia in my instance, sincerely exists and appears by hook or by crook similar to the only you spot rendered at the cease of this academic.


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