High Quality Space HDRI 360 for Projects and Sci Fi scene


When we want to create high quality render we need good textures and quality HDRI images. Here we are sharing this space HDRi 360 map to download for free, perfect to use in your space projects and Sci-Fi scene, released from ERA-7.

Space HDRI 360

Download High- Quality space HDRi 360  for your Art and Creativity. The maps are Size and resolution 8000×8000 px in .hdr format. Maps are compatible with real-time engines such as Unreal, Unity, as well as other 3d software such as Maya, Cinema 4D, and Blender.

You can use the Sci-Fi map in multiple uses, to improve the quality of your model showcases with HDRI lighting. This hdr map supports a skylight and ambient to help add life to your model with the space scene environment reflections.
If you are looking for an astronaut model you download it.


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