Create Perspective Halftone With Houdini VX And VOPS


spheres arranged in space to create the illusion of a halftone image when viewed from the right point with Houdini VX And VOPS .

Create Perspective Halftone With Houdini VX And VOPS

VEX and VOPs in Houdini Perspective Halftone
What this illusion  combines are two vintage techniques: Halftone rasterization and perspective projection.

Halftone rasterization is the technique of breaking down a greyscale image into discrete dots of various size in an effort to create the phantasm of various brightness values when viewed from afar.

Forced perspective Is a way that’s been used as a practical impact in movies like “Close Encounters of The Third Kind” or “The Aviator” to make models appear bigger than they are. It’s been abused all too often to apparently preserve the tower of Pisa as nicely.

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