How Can We do 3D sculpting on a Mobile Phone?


When you are doing to start new things we will always get some questions in mind, How can do it? And what we need to use?
Do you think can we do 3D sculpting on a Mobile phone? This tutorial will help you to solve your questions. SouthernGFX has released a new tutorial on how you can sculpt 3D models on a mobile phone using Nomad Sculpting APP.

Learn how to do 3D sculpting on Mobile Phone

Sculpting on a mobile phone may seem counter intuitive as the display is so small, but believe it or not it’s actually a pretty enjoyable experience. You can even go full screen and get much more room with a four-finger faucet.

Sculpting model on your phone is possible with a range of cheap stylus and while they are not even near the amazing apple pencil, the results are excellent. So let’s take a look at how to sculpt your iPhone with nomad sculpt and create a little bit of 3D smartphone art.

Nomad Sculpt is a painting and sculpting App for mobile devices, that features an extensive toolset and an intuitive UI. You can download it from the Nomad official website and also from the APP store for iPad, from Playstore for Android Devices. 

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