How to Create Real-time Destruction with Houdini and Unreal Engine


Learn how to create real-time destruction with Houdini and Unreal in using Apex. Houdini is used here for doing custom fracturing. Simon shows you a full walkthrough from making a model to destroying it in Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine has a great plugin with Apex Destruction which offers various settings that you can tweak to create real-time simulations of destruction.

Here we are using Houdini for doing custom fracturing of models. This is a strong part of Houdini and you could build complex systems, like in Borderlands 3 to get fracturing the way you want it to be.

In this video, you will learn how to use the material fracture node, this is one node that offers a lot of settings for auto fracturing models and adding details to that. The future of real-time destruction will be very interesting once we see more about the new Chaos system from Unreal Engine.

Real-time Destruction simulations with Houdini and Using Apex Destruction in Unreal Engine

The video shows the full process of making a model destructible in Unreal Engine 4 and adding particles to the system. With also potential gameplay in mind, like destroying specific parts of a model. Like not every part of the barrier should be destroyed so a player can still find cover behind it.

Real-time destruction with Houdini and Unreal Engen

In this tutorial, you can also learn a couple of other ways that you can fracture models. Houdini has multiple ways you can fracture models and that is exactly what we want, so we can control what needs to be fractured and where. Another advantage of Houdini is the procedural nature of it so we can get variations and plug in any model in the setup.

In Unreal Engine Apex Destruction used for the real-time simulation of the barrier. Using Apex Destruction you can shoot your own barrier or different models.

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