How to Create Realistic Ice in Blender Tutorial by Gleb Alexandro


Lighting Open Project by Gleb Alexandro, How To Create Realistic Ice in Blender This is the second tutorial from the bigger series in Blender. which I will post in the blog. I need your suggestions and feedback, to make a decent book about digital lighting.

How To Create Realistic Ice in Blender
Realistic Ice in Blender 2

How To Create Realistic Ice in Blender

What Is Ice And It Refraction When dealing with refractive objects like ice, I find it very productive to think about the world in the first place. Often, ice and glass are nothing more than a glimpse of the world, that peaks through refraction and reflection.

Realistic Ice shader in Blender

What Happens To Light Inside Of Ice?

Six types of light and material interaction

Let’s see the difference between various types of light interactions. Why? To deal with one thing at a time. To organize the chaos.

The world is not made of plaster. At least, in physically based rendering. A whole lot of exciting processes are going on in the block of ice.

How To Create Realistic Ice in Blender

 Variable Roughness Reveals Character

How To Create Realistic Ice in Blender The ideal is boring. As I’ve said earlier, when light passes through an object without any effort, it doesn’t leave a trace. Only when light is partly absorbed, refracted, or reflected, we start to notice the disturbance.

How to Cheat While Simulating Physical Phenomena

When light passes through the glass, we can see awesome caustics, that illuminate objects behind it. While it’s no problem to generate caustics using a sphere and 1 light source, it’s much more complicated in real-world scenes. Huh, now I can’t even get it right on 1 sphere.

Bonus Tips for Creating Realistic Ice

Simulate volume by placing something inside the ice: To create a convincing illusion of depth inside the ice, place something right inside your cube of frozen water. For example, insert another piece of ice.
The roughness texture is downloaded from CgTexture
Free HDRi come from the iSBL archive

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