Creating Crowd simulation In 3ds Max The new feature in 3ds max


Creating Crowd simulation In 3ds Max. The new feature in max 2014 and 2015 called populate allows users to create a crowd using a few simple clicks. Today in this tutorial we will be looking at using this cool feature to create moving or idle population. We will take a look at all the possibilities of the populate feature. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create your own crowd simulation using populate in 3ds max.

Creating Crowd Simulation In 3ds Max Crowd Helper

This part contains an Introduction to crowd helper, delegates & creating a basic crowd setup. In the first part, we learned how to create a basic crowd scene using crowd helpers and delegates. This part focuses on creating and linking an animated insect model to the crowd delegates to create an insect crowd scenes.

Till now we have learned how to create simple crowd simulation and linking animated objects to crowd delegate. Created an insect crowd scene.
This part will focus on creating a motion flow graph for a biped using motion capture data (*.bip files) and using this motion flow graph to associate bipeds to crowd delegates and creating a biped crowd simulation.

3ds max 2015 new feature Populate Crowd in 3D max 2015

3dmax 2015 has a new feature of Adding crowd to your walkthroughs/Flythrough/Animation. It is a very handy tool to create realistic people in Animation.

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