How to Paint, Mirroring, And Transferring Skin Weights In Maya


Check out this new tutorial from Animation Pandemic, a lot of topics coved in the video on how to Paint Skin Weights in Maya and Skinning a full character also Painting, mirroring, and transferring skin weights in Maya and using NGskintools.

How to Paint, Mirror, and Transfer Skin Weights In Maya

This video shows skinning and skin weights painting techniques for a full character in Maya, including the face, using both NGskintools and Maya’s native tools. The tutorial also shows how to export, import, transfer, mirror, and relax skin weights, as well as how to transfer weights from the character to their clothes.

Topics Covered in the tutorial 

  •  Evaluating the model
  • Rigging from neutral poses is easier
  • Details in modeling VS displacement
  • Fantastic sleeves and where to find them for Skinning belts and buckles
  • Topology and overlapping surfaces and Posing a face for rigging
  • Evaluating current skinning and joints pivots before skinning
  • How to increase joints display size in Maya and Finding the head and neck pivots
  • The pelvis pivot and chest pivots and Taking notes while working
  • The scapula/ clavicle pivots, Advanced Skeleton’s animation tester
  • Why rig calisthenics are essential when skinning
  • Evaluating the legs and arms pivots and orientation
  • Riggin The eyeball pivot and jaw pivot
  • Adjusting the pivots before skinning: the scapula and the neck
  • Placing the head, spine, and leg, also arm joints
  • Placing the thumb and fingers joints and Defining the skinning strategy
  • Binding the skin to the joints: the basics
  • Rig calisthenics: animating a walk cycle with one click with Advanced Skeleton
  • Painting skin weights for a 3D character in Maya and Skinning the spine, the neck, and the head.
  • Painting the skin weights for the scapula/ clavicle and the arm
  • Mirroring the skin weights using Maya’s mirror skin weights
  • Expanding and shrinking selections in Maya also Skinning in isolated selected to make it easier to see complex geometry
  • Converting selections in Maya and Mirroring weights with NGskin tools
  • Evaluating areas in need of skinning refining and Painting, relaxing and smoothing the thigh skin weights
  • Relaxing the trousers crease with NG skin tools and Painting the knee skin weights Painting elbow and sleeve skin weights
  • The scapula/ clavicle skin weights for the neck and head
  • Locking skin weights in Maya (toggle hold)
  • Skinning cloths to the body by transferring body weights with NG skin tools in Maya
  • The foot roll skinning and Tweaking the shoulder
  • Exporting and Importing skin weights to transfer the face weights and Adding new influences to the skin cluster
  • Importing/ transferring skin weights by vertex ID and Masking skin layers with NG skin tools
  • The difference between NG skin tools 1.8.3 and 2.0.27
  • Why animation studios often don’t use the latest version of a software
  • How to Mirroring the face skin weights with NG skin tools 2.x VS 1.x and Techniques for finalizing pass on skin weights
  • The ankle deformation and Improving knee deformations with Graceful thigh/ hip deformations
  • Attaching the buttons to the boots and Fixing the scapula/ clavicle, shoulder, and clothes deformations

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