How To Painting Skin Weights in Maya Introduction Tutorial


In this tutorial, Adam Garland introduces you to the How To Painting Skin Weights in Maya. Also learn a couple of techniques to make painting skin weights Painting Skin Weights in Maya.

Smooth Binding Skin to Joints in Maya

How To Painting Skin Weights in MayaPainting Skin Weights in Maya tutorial

 Learn basic Painting Skin Weights in Maya

When you select an influence to paint, the mesh displays color feedback (by default) in white and black. You can verify that Color Feedback is turned on under the Display heading. Turning on Color Feedback helps you identify the weights on the surface by representing them as gray-scale values (smaller values are darker, larger values are lighter).

You can also turn on the Use color ramp under the Gradient heading to view weights in color. Make sure the brush, paint operation, value, and any other settings in the Paint Skin Weights Tool. For example, make sure that the Weight Type drop-down list is set to Skin Weight, and select the Normalize Weights mode you want.
Drag across the skin to paint weights.

The values you paint set how much this joint influences the painted vertices relative to the other joints making up the smooth body (up to the number specified as the Max Influences in the Smooth Bind Options.

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