How To Setup Maya Default ACES With Arnold Renderer


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences developed The Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) is an image exchange framework. Johnny Fehr shows you how to set up default ACES color space in Maya 2022 and the Arnold renderer with a Quixel Megascans asset as an example.

He explained the key points on how IDT (Input Device Transform) works in Maya for file nodes when using ACES. Define Color Space Rules color spaces for conversion, high dynamic range image needs to Utility-Linear Rec.709-sRGB or sRGB primaries/gamut are RAW.

Working With Default ACES In Maya 2022

A new version of Redshift Renderer uses color space and ACES workflow as its new default in Maya. Johnny Fehr shows working with ACES color space in Maya using Redshift.

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