How to Transferring Textures When UVs Change – Essentials Training


This is the first episode of Game Art Essentials training from Hai Phan. The way to Transferring Textures When Uvs layout changes or once UVs modified. 3d artist Hai Phan shows you how to transfer existing textures once you have to be compelled to build UV changes. the consecutive episode can check the way to handle transferring traditional maps once The UVs square measure turned.

How To Transferring Textures When UVs Change
When UVs Change Transferring Textures
How To Transferring Textures if UVs Change
UVs Change how to Transferring Textures
Rotating Norm in Maya for uv layout

Transferring Textures When UVs Change

Game Art Essentials Tutorial series focusing on subjects that we think can benefit all game artists. Hai Phan has no set schedule for emotional these all episodes.

This tutorial covers the way to addressing situations where you would like to rotate parts of your normal map. Please watch the previous episode to know more about channel transfer and transferring textures once UVs Change. The basic plan is to duplicate your model, alter the UVs on the duplicate from the model, adjust the UVs on the duplicate, and then transfer the normal map using XNormal’s Bake Base Texture.

Creating Normal Map Floaters

Floaters are a very effective way to create normal map detail easily and flexibly. during this episode, ” I discuss some common uses for them yet as a way to influence potential problems that will arise during baking.
I demonstrate using Maya, but the basic principles can be applied to almost any 3d world space application. ” You can Know more at cgcircuit.

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