Learn How to Use the MetaHuman Facial Rig in Unreal Engine


We already know about Unreal Engine MeataHuman that released the last week. The metaHuman creator will become available in early access within the next few months. It has a lot of new features to create realistic 3d characters and animation with motion capture. In Unreal Engine MeataHuman there is prebuild character rig with animation. This tutorial will explain how to use the MetaHuman Facial Rig for a fast workflow.

How to use UE MetaHuman Facial Rig Controls

Epic Games Unreal Engine released educational videos that help to know more about digital MetaHumans. In this video, Adam Walton takes you through using all of the controls in the facial rig included with MetaHumans in Unreal Engine. With this tutorial, you get a good idea of how to use the rig and how to control facial animation. You can also try and download it available for free now.

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