CGI Behind The Scenes Making Of Ikea Bee By Colorbleed Studios


IKEA Bee No one is aware of specifically once the winter leaves and also the weather becomes a bit a lot of pleasant once more. therefore show the atmospheric condition the nice and cozy shoulder and easily build the spring begin yourself – at your home. Follow the instance of our cute very little bee!

Making Of Ikea Bee By Colorbleed Studios
Making of IKEA Bee Animation
Behind The Scenes Making Of Ikea Bee

IKEA Bee  Animation Making

Live-action For Ikea Switzerland we tend to brought this cute very little brute to life. Since our very little bee required to be encircled by IKEA furnishings it had been chosen to shoot background plates with live-action footage on prime of thatwe’d comp our animated character. so as to form him move with the (fake) snow rocks were thrown in throughout the dispel

Animation There is not that abundant to a bee and so our animators had the challenge to essentially create this character return to life. By direction on huge body movements we’ve been ready to portray its emotions while not having to accept facial expressions

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