Cheers inspirational Art work by Ajuricic Worked in ZBrush


Cheers, Inspirational Art work Check This wonderful and inspirational work by CG Artist ajuricic. Here’s the latest portfolio piece based on a concept by Jean-Baptiste Monge.

inspirational Art work by Ajuricic with zbrush

Cheers, inspirational Art work a simple breakdown of the techniques Anto used to create this model. One of the probably most overlooked features in ZBrush is the use of stencil which becomes even more powerful combined with tileable textures. He also uses stencils to project some cloth wrinkles patterns and the wrap feature under the stencil menu makes the projection stretching free.


Foam is achieved by using two identical meshes, one on top of the other. One for the subsurface sss layer and another one for the clear coat. Both are displacement maps with the same procedural for bubbles. The clear coat displacing outward and the layer displacing inward so they can together achieve spherical foam bubbles. Anto sculpted folds exactly as he explained in the tutorial, by using few different alphas as a starting point.

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