Instant Meshes Free Auto Retopology Tool – Create CG


This is a new tutorial from SouthernGFX about how you can automatically retopologize models using the free Instant Meshes. Whether you are using an iPad to sculpt with programs like Nomad Sculpt or Forger App or a desk-bound solution like Blender, there comes a time where you need a good, clean mesh with flowing edge loops.

Create Automatic Retopology With Instant meshes

Instant Meshes automatically creates retopology, much like the remesher in Zbrush. If you want to pose your mesh it really helps to have a clean topology and at the end when you want to UV unwrap Model.

Instant Meshes Retopology

The complete Instant Mesh pipeline runs instantly (less than a second) on mesh with hundreds of thousands of faces, enabling new types of interactive workflows.

The Instant Meshe algorithm avoids any global optimization and its key steps scale linearly with the size of the input. It is capable of processing extremely large meshes and points clouds, with sizes exceeding several hundred million elements. An interview discussing this technique and more recent projects is available here.

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