ivanbot Maya Character Rig,You can use Rig for any Purpose


ivanbot Maya Character Rig form Truong CG artist, you can use This ivanbot  Robot rig for any Purpose, to get a rig for free use  discount code “free” 

ivanbot Maya Character Rig

Technical Information about ivanbot Maya Character Rig

Software: you can use Maya 2017 (or higher) Character Rigged using Advanced Skeleton. Maya scene files include:Ivan_bot_rig.ma: the rigged character.

Ivan_bot_rig_redshift_renderSetup.ma: Redshift render setup file.

Textures include: AO, color, height, metallic, normal, roughness

Substance Painter file is also included for further adjustments.

Objs included, in case you want to re-rig him in other software.

Remember to set the project, so all the textures can be loaded automatically.

Please use the latest version of Winrar to extract the file.

Issues and bugs Problem-solving tutorials:

If you have any further rig issues or questions/ requests, feel free to contact Truong on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/truongcgartist or email at:[email protected]

Support Truong to makes more rigs and tools:https://www.patreon.com/truongcgartist


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