Jasmine Rose Cinema 4D Character Rig Free Download


The Jasmine Rose female character Rig project 1st created in Autodesk Maya by Mohammed and Ahmed. As part of it, Modeling work is done by Mohammed Animation and Rigging by Ahmed, however, it only works with Maya. Now Ulises Torres recreated the Jasmine Rose Rig for you to use in Cinema 4D.

The Rigs has an advanced rigging system for body mechanics also for facial animation. Jasmine Rose Cinema 4D Rig controls support for creating symmetrical animation which you can move both legs in a symmetrical way. It is always important in this step to keep the C4D axes selected locally and not globally.

The Rig has another important feature is that to reset any control of the Rig and leave the values at 0 we click on the Reset PSR button. We will do the same with the other controls, either in the Global coordinates or Local coordinates.

Jasmine Rose Rig Cinema 4D

Download the Rig from Gumroad, You can also download the Jasmine Rose Maya versing by clicking here. Please check the license of each rig before downing.

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