KeenTools Adds Blendshape Nodes for Nuke


KeenTools has released a new upgrade with dozens of improvements and three new nodes that bring blendshapes to Nuke.

Create and Animate Blendshape shapes in Nuke using KeenTools

The most important part of this release is the three new nodes reinforcing Nuke with blendshapes. Now, it’s possible to create a new geometry out of objects with similar topology and then animate it, without switching to another software.

Users can also join animated geometries and mix them with different ratios. Geometry with blendshapes can be passed to GeoTracker, where a user can track it and then animate the blendshapes on the already tracked geometry.

And finally, the FACS node creates 51 ARKit-compatible FACS blendshapes for FaceBuilder geometry right in Nuke, so it’s possible to animate a FaceBuilder head, or track it with FaceTracker and then adjust expressions using the blendshapes. All three nodes are free while in beta. Watch the short overview to see how they work.

KeenTools Viewport Stabilisation

To help users keep a tracking process as precise as possible and increase the keyframe consistency, the developers revamped the viewport stabilisation in GeoTracker and FaceTracker. It now stabilises the viewer around the object or around selected pins wherever they reside on the screen. The short video guide can be found here

Other Improvements

Both Nuke and Blender FaceBuilder versions have been reworked from scratch and got a new auto-reducing algorithm for pins that smoothes the facebuilding process.

In addition, the Blender add-on now uses a local viewport with better performance and has user preferences.
One more thing — a proper FaceBuilder for Blender updater was finally added. No need to download and delete .zip files manually, just push the buttons and follow the instructions on the tool panel.

The full list of updates in Nuke plugins

  • JoinBlendshapes and MixBlendshapes nodes- FACS blendshapes node for FaceBuilder
  • Exporting animated FACS blendshapes from FaceTracker
  • Reworked FaceBuilder node- Auto-reducing pins in FaceBuilder- Reworked viewer stabilisation
  • Better performance in FaceBuilder when used with expressions
  • Better UX in tracking over keyframes: they don’t just stop tracking anymore- Better tracking and pin tooling performance
  • Bone animation can now be exported within a .chan file- Pre-analysis in GeoTracker and FaceTracker can now be properly automated- Better pre-analysis dialogue in FaceTracker and GeoTracker- New, more stable Hardware ID- Loads of minor fixes and improvements

What’s new in FaceBuilder for Blender

Auto-updating functionality (the last time you need to update it manually)
Auto-reducing pins- Better performance with expressions- Added user settings- Local viewport, better performance

You can download the updated plugins from the KeenTools website. 30 days of a fully functional trial included.

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