KeenTools FaceTracker Plugin Node for Foundry Nuke


keenTool Come with a New FaceTracker plugin node for Foundry Nuke. KeenTools FaceTracker can help you with facial tracking without mocap rigs and markers. The tracking information can be later used for face replacement, retouching, adding scars, relighting, aging, and de-aging, etc. You also export that data to any other 3D software.

KeenTools FaceTracker with facial tracking without mocap rigs

The Plugin, available in three types of licenses. Personal — $149, Commercial — $299, and Floating.keentool offering for the best price who want to have both FaceBuilder and FaceTracker, you can get both licenses for a reduced price.

For best results, you can also use FaceBuilder Plugin form keenTools only FaceTracker is similar to GeoTracker but in addition to the model’s position, it also tracks facial gestures. keen tool tracking algorithms are stable contrary to neural network solutions, precise, allow full manual control, and don’t require any kind of on-stage preparation like facial motion capture rigs.


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