Kheil Animation Rig for Blender With Advanced Rig Controls


BMBrice relased new Kheil Animation Rig. The rig originally from the Supercell webcomic. Now available as an animation rig for Blender 2.8+. Hear You can grab one of two versions.

Kheil Animation Rig form BMBrice

Kheil Free Rig: Includes just the character rig (delivered via Dropbox URL in a .TXT because the file exceeds Gumroad’s 25mb free limit.  appreciate with Tips if you love it.

The paid Rig include Asset in the project folder. The pkage containing the jump and run animations from the promo video as well as easy access to all the texture files.

Note: This version of the asset folder will NOT be updated with new animations or other production files, unlike the one available on Patreon

Use for non-commercial purposes only, like animation exercises, personal demo reels, animation contests, etc.


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