Kung Fury VFX Breakdown Arcade Street


Check out this quick VFX breakdown Kung Fury VFX Breakdown Arcade Street showing the composited layers of an explosion shot created for Kung Fury by the talented folks over at Fido! For more information, please see the details and links below:

Fido is an award winning vfx and animation studio working with both commercials and feature films. Fido has a strong focus on character and creature animation.

Kung-Fury-Vfx-Breakdown-Arcade-Street-1 Kung-Fury-Vfx-Breakdown-Arcade-Street-1 Kung-Fury-Vfx-Breakdown-Arcade-Street-5 Kung-Fury-Vfx-Breakdown-Arcade-Street-4 Kung-Fury-Vfx-Breakdown-Arcade-Street-3 Kung-Fury-Vfx-Breakdown-Arcade-Street-2 (1) Kung Fury VFX Breakdown Arcade Street Kung-Fury-Vfx-Breakdown-Arcade-Street-6 Kung-Fury-Vfx-Breakdown-Arcade-Street-7 Kung-Fury-Vfx-Breakdown-Arcade-Street-3 Kung-Fury-Vfx-Breakdown-Arcade-Street-2 (1) Kung-Fury-Vfx-Breakdown-Arcade-Street-1

Kung Fury Vfx Breakdown Arcade Street by Fido

Fido did nearly 400 VFX shots for Kung Fury. Here’s a Vfx breakdown of three of the shots in the “Arcade St” sequence. Watch full Movie here:

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