Learn ACES Workflow for Cinema 4D Redshift And After Effects


Before we go to the ACES Workflow in Redshift and After Effects topic lets us know what is ACES?  Academy Color Encoding System. It is becoming the industry standard for managing color grading throughout the life cycle of a motion picture or television production.

The ACES project began its development in 2004 in collaboration with 50 industry professionals. While most DCC’s will have a way to work with ACES, each has its implementation.

The ACES is a free, open input device transform color management and image data interchange system that can be applied to almost any current or future workflow.

It was developed by hundreds of the industry’s top scientists, engineers, and end-users, working together under the auspices of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. You can know more at oscars.

All CG artists looking for an easy prebuilt download for at least every “master” version of ACES. Any wah you can download it now at GitHub

Learn How To Set up  ACES Workflow in Redshift, C4D, and After Effects

 Kyle Franke shared is a new tutorial on color space and color correction workflow for ACES and also how to set up an ACES workflow between Redshift and in Cinema 4D and then composited on After Effects for post production to create the final output.  

A new tutorial from Patrick Letourneau demonstrates why we need to use ACES and how to install and setup OCIO + ACES in Cinema 4D Redshift Renderer. You can also learn to set up render outputs in After Effects and Fusion. Learn in-depth explanation from someone who actually understands aces, check out CG Cinematography.

These new tutorials help you even better How you can use an ACES for the Cinema 4D, Redshift, and After Effects.

If you still confused about ACES workflow in Cinema 4D Redshift and After Effects, this information helps you get rid of all those out. Zak shows you how to approaches ACES workflow, from Cinema 4D & Redshift into After Effects, then out into the world. You need some other tools like OpenColorIo for After Effects.

ACES Workflow in Redshift And AE

This is the continuation of the first tutorial all about technical aspects of ACES pipelines. Where all aces color textures and HDRI images are converted to ACES before rendering with Redshift. You can also learn to composite our render into live action footage using our color managed ACES workflow for After Effects.

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