Learn how to Sculpting a character in VR with Oculus Medium


VR is a revolution in the 3D asset, Learn Sculpting a character in VR with Oculus Medium, the premiere VR creative tool. for Sculpting 3d model, and paint in an immersive environment. Whether you’re a total beginner, aspiring creative, or professional artist, quickly and easily create characters, environments, and expressive works of art.

Sculpting a character in VR with Oculus Medium

The software we’ll be mistreatment is sensory receptor Medium, that is AN immersive computer game expertise that enables you to sculpt, model, paint and build objects in an exceedingly VR atmosphere.

The software allows you to make communicative works of art, whether or not you are a total beginner, AN aspiring artistic or knowledgeable creative person. mistreatment Oculus’ bit controllers allow the user to use intuitive hand gestures and movement for natural, tactile expertise. the ultimate sculpt are a personality that may be posed and exported with painted color detail, to be used in another app or for 3D printing.

Sculpting a character in VR with Oculus

You Can Export and import from other programs

Using Oculus Medium you can export in FBX and OBJ formats The options for export are often found by pressing the yellow board button on the Support hand and choosing Export. the choices embrace the power to cut back polycount through a method known as devastation, that involves setting a target polycount that the appliance can try and match.

The formats you’ll export as are FBX and OBJ with the power to export colors as a texture map or by vertex color. With these choices, you must be able to export the move into a format that almost all other 3d software. Get Started

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