Zbrush Pipeline Overview Basic Zbrush Knowledge


Learn Zbrush Pipeline Overview This Zbrush tutorial is about how to manage the Zbrush pipeline. This video is covering some pretty basic Zbrush knowledge, if you are an experienced Zbrush user  character artist

Learn Zbrush Pipeline Overview Zbrush Pipeline Overview Basic Zbrush tutorial Zbrush Pipeline Overview Basic Zbrush Knowledge

Zbrush Pipeline Overview

This tutorials just a quick video Marie-Michelle Pepin made because he had quite a few questions concerning Zbrush character pipeline, base-mesh, etc.

An explanation of and a lesson on the workflow of using Maya and Zbrush together.
In order to follow along with this lesson, the user should have some basic knowledge of using Maya and basic ZBrush knowledge as well.
Shows how to retopo a model so that it has a better topology, and also how to apply uvs to a lower subdivision level so that even after it’s heavily detailed you can still give it uvs.

Later videos will show how to use the high detail of the sculpts inside of Maya by using displacement mapping.

Zbrush Pipeline Overview Basic Binocular Modeling
In this Modeler, tutorial goes over some of the same basics as my ‘candle-holder’ tutorial. This is squarely aimed at people who are new to both Z modeler and sub-D modeling in general.


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