Light Wrap Compositing in Blender Tutorial


Light Wrap Compositing in BlenderĀ  Make your #b3d animation and VFX composites look awesome with this fast light wrapping technique!

Light Wrap Compositing in BlenderLight Wrap Compositing in Blender TutorialDownload the node setup for free here:

Light Wrap Compositing in Blender

This is a tutorial based around Light Wrapping, or Background Wrapping as it is also known. We will investigate into an effective way to do so with some 3D foreground footage over some live-action.

Green Screen Removal & LightWrapp with Blender

This tutorial will show you how to remove green screens behind your actors (not only green, but any other color xD), and then apply the lightwrapp technique to improve the integration between the actors and the new background


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