LILY And SNOUT Character Rigs Maya Free Download


LILY And SNOUT Character Rigs are excited to go on more adventures and they need you to help them out! We invite you to form a team with others and bring more VR productions to life using Artella and Sketchfab.
These characters work in Autodesk’s Maya 2015 – 2017

LILY And SNOUT Character Rigs For Maya Free Download

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Lily and Snout can be downloaded by entering your email below. You will receive an email shortly thereafter with a link to download a .zip file which includes a separate file for Lily and Snout plus their textures. Lily and Snout come with 3 different color variations each! Lily and Snout are royalty-free characters that you can use for your non-commercial projects.
By entering your email you agree to use Lily and Snout for non-commercial purposes as well as to receive periodic email updates from Artella, the Virtual Studio Platform. If you’re downloading these characters then we hope the content we send will be in line with the type of stuff you’d enjoy receiving.



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