Linear Light Workflow In Maya Tutorial


Linear Light Workflow In Maya Tutorial in Maya . A look at the render settings, viewer settings, and how it’s all happening.

Linear Light Workflow In Maya Overview

A quick, down and dirty review of implementing Maya’s Color Management System and manual Gamma correction to achieve a linear workflow.

Linear color workflow in Vray for Maya

There’s a lot of confusion out there about what linear workflow is, and how to properly implement it. In this tutorial I will explain how to set up a linear workflow in Vray for Maya as well as how to use Nuke to verify the colorspace of our textures

V-Ray Fundamentals Materials, Lights and Linear Workflow

This tutorial will provide you with a strong foundation in learning V-Ray for Maya. With this DVD, Stephen has put together a series of lectures beginning with rendering basics and ending with production tips and techniques. Starting with an introduction to Linear Workflow, Stephen then breaks down the Render Settings, including the Adaptive DMC. He then moves onto Lights and Materials, including the Blend Material, Sub-Surface Scattering, and Displacement. Next, he discusses the new V-Ray RT and the GPU accelerated rendering features before moving to Global Illumination and the various ways to achieve high quality GI renders quickly using advanced baking of GI maps. Lastly, Stephen discusses the production integration aspects of V-Ray which includes how to work with Render Elements, Layers, SOPs, along with the Light Select render element. This title is essential for those looking to not only learn the basics of V-Ray, but also to leverage the power of V-Ray in a real production environment. Tutorial Dvd


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