Hey, everyone doesn’t miss this pretty female Lou rig,  for Maya with Advanced Skeleton rigging system. The rig is more comfortable to animate with more user controls.

Thanks to Both Dmitry Danilov and Boris Klimov, bringing this for free download.

You can use it in any non-commercial project. Feel free to modify the rig, as your comfort including the model, and textures alls as you wish.

lou Advanced-Skeleton-Rigging Free download
LOU RIG Advanced Skeleton Rigging System

Lou Female Character  Rig with advanced Skeleton For Free Download

Now Lou rig is it little slow by editing you can improve more speed. Few suggestions if you going to edit.

Make it possible to hide all unnecessary polygons of the body under the cloth in the Hid layer, and use flat shad and low textures when you are working.

if more tips for improving output, you can add a few more blendshapes also, a picker for fast selection. integrate this rig into the official Advanced Skeleton installer which is available in Maya rigging tools.

More Things to do:
FK Head_M holds additional face controller attributes that are hidden by default and the Main root controller holds the Bend controller’s visibility in the attribute editor.


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