Luchadora -Female Character Rig For Maya Users


Luchadora is a female character Rig, which is great for animating acting and emotional scenes in your demo reel. The Luchadora Rig is fully setup and build in Maya which is supports the recent version of Maya. This rig has advanced features like Facial Hybrid Setup which supports the game engine compatible.

The rig is tested with the Unreal game engine but is also compatible with Unity since it is based on deformations of Joints and Blendshapes.

The Luchadora Maya rig has Ik/Fk switches with Stretch & Squash Spine and also bend controls for creating a strong pose when you need to animate some complex shots.

About the Artist 

The Luchadora character rigged and animated by Hugo Timal, He has worked in the 2D and 3D animation industry for over 10 years on various projects. He has worked on 2D, 3D, animation movies, and advertising videos, primarily as a character animator, character designer, and Rigger.


  • Advanced Facial Hybrid Setup (game engine compatible)
  • Hair Control
  • Eye Deformable Setup and Aim Control
  • ​IK+FK Spine and Stretch & Squash Spine with Hip Contro
  • Shoulder FK/IK Control​​ and Limb IK/FK Control
  • Non-Roll Shoulder/Thigh Stretchy Arm and Leg
  • Elbow and Knee Pin also Arm/Leg Bendy Control with Local Scale option
  • Finger FK Control and Master Control
  • Foot Rolling System with FK/IK Control

This has not come with the textures If you want the textures, you can download them on Dropbox by clicking here.


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