Making Debris in 3DS Max Tutorial Make your own Debri Element


Making Debris in 3DS Max Tutorial will show you how to make your own debris element. This tutorial is pretty straight forward and I don’t expect you to be a pro in such stuff. Pretty easy setup with lots of possibilities.
The Debris maker creates several types of debris quickly with user-defined levels of detail, irregularity, and chaos, and can create a particle flow with the geometry instanced into it.

Making Debris in 3DS Max Tutorial

The geometry creation tool is completely free. Procedural geometry creation tool for 3ds Max, which lets you quickly create objects for your 3D scenes.

With the DebrisMaker2 you can create brick, corrugated metal, crystals, gemstones, snowflakes, grass, gravel, leaves, logs, splinters, meteors, obsidian, pigeons, planks, twigs, river stones, sandstone, shrapnel, and slate. You can input parameters to customize the style of your debris, to match your desires. script to create easily in 3Ds max

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