Making of Little Honey by Aybars Turan


My name is Aybars Turan, I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I have been living in USA from 5 years. I studied sculpture and painting in Turkey and NY. Currently I am studying at Academy of Art University, majoring MFA 3D modeling program. I have been focusing on characters but also environment & prop modeling and all are different passions for me. I have been in CG world since mid-2010. Overall, I really think that modelers should learn Texturing, lighting, rendering and their characters or environments in their artistic way as much as possible. Take them out from their gray life.Making of Little Honey

Making of Little Honey by Aybars Turan


Making of Little Honey  is a character from the Muscle Beach animation movie. Muscle beach, Corey Rosen’s animated feature film project which would be released in 2013. Director Corey Rosen who works at Tippett Studio and Academy of Art University created his team at the AAU and leading the project with many talented artists. Now here we go. Little Honey Character design by Jamie Chreszczyk.

Making of Little Honey 02Making of Little Honey 03


I worked with Maya and ZBrush (only moving things around and smoothing the mesh) during the modeling progress. Started and finished the model in Maya in T pose for the production pipeline.

I was paying attention to topology and tried to keep the mesh not too heavy even though it was a feature animation movie I like to work with med poly count. Clothes and Hair would be a simulation. So, I just created a mesh to hold the space on the model. During the time I finished the model I had a chance to talk to the Disney Modeling team at SIGGRAPH. They told me to do work on hair and pose the character. They don’t want to see regular T-pose models. I had my critique and decided to work on my Little Honey still image for my portfolio.


Making of Little Honey We all love UV’s don’t we. I used Headus UV Layout for UV unwrapping. I strongly recommend it. It saves you time and you will be much happier with the results 🙂

UV Body

Making of Little Honey 03

UV Clothes

Making of Little Honey 05



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