Matte Painting in Nuke 3D System Using Nuke’s 3D cards


Matte Painting in Nuke 3D System Video tutorial by Hugo Guerra VFX Supervisor & Cinematic Director, in this tutorial you gong to learn how to use the Z and Focal options in Nuke’s 3D cards when setting up a Matte Painting in the 3D system.

Matte Painting in Nuke with 3D Card

Setting up Matte Painting in Nuke 3D System

Setting up Matte Painting in Nuke 3D System

Matte painting is frequently one of the master key of the compositing used in many film scenes, commercials, and video games. It refers to one of the most traditional illusions used in the film on account that his debut. In Nuke we will recreate the virtual scene, we will recreate split levels and playing with 3d geometries. Creating awesome results of a wonderful thought. One of the grasp key on this work is the right use of the parallax. The digicam moves, the values of the lens, consciousness, and so forth.

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