Maya 2017 Update UV editor improvements and UV Toolkit


The latest video form Autodesk Media and Entertainment about visual improvements, as well as organization using the new Maya 2017 Update UV Editor. If you’ve ever worked with the Modeling Toolkit, added to Maya/LT back in 2014, the new UV Toolkit will be quite familiar.

Maya 2017 Update UV editor improvements and UV Toolkit

Maya 2017 Update UV Editor improvements

Maya 2017 Update UV Editor  is an important part of the 3d workflow. inside the past, UV equipment have been restricted and difficult to work with. This has changed dramatically over the last few years, and update three of Maya/Maya LT 2017 continues to make UV creation and editing each less complicated and faster. Unfold3D was introduced in Maya/LT 2015, bringing a better UV unwrapping set of rules, and lots of different updates were made considering that, inclusive of better layout gear, pinning, greater intuitive UV seam creation gear, and many others. Right here are only some of the new capabilities covered inside the UV Editor Updates

  • the new UV Toolkit (visible within the photo above on the left) adds a new dockable window
  • that organizes all the UV Editor equipment right into a acquainted layout that is extra visual.
  • Drag choice allows the consumer to paint select usaor UV shells.
  • choice constraints will permit the choice of united statesbased upon constraints including the front or lower back going through, shell borders, and so forth.
  • grow & decrease UV selections without problems in vertical, horizontal, or each guidelines.
    choice performance upgrades and visual enhancements have additionally been made.
  • more constant workflows among the UV Editor window and the three-D viewport.
  • Multicolor UV Shell show allows for simpler identity of comparable UV shells on the 3D mesh (including left & proper hands or legs).

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