Getting Started Maya 2018 New feature Tips And Tricks


Autodesk Maya 2018 New feature This release includes major workflow improvements and new tools that help artists work faster With enhancements all over including modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering.

Maya 2018 New feature Modeling Workflow 

the Modeling workflow in Maya 2018 that helped create both the character and environment for our internal project, Wall of Death. We cover many recent and new features, such as quad draw, curve warp deformer, and the new circularize tool, that combine to create a powerful modeling workflow in Maya. Fun bonus: we even use MASH to help model the environment. know more 

Maya 2018 Improvements – Circularize – Imports DWG – Select & Polygon Tools 

Circularize, solved issue Import CAD Files DWG, fast extrude, fast slide, Polygon Disc, Platonic Solid, Gear, Super Shape as Elipse Armonic and Ultra Shape, Shrink & Grow Along Loop and others basic tools.

May9 Pro 2.0 – Maya 2018 new feature

May9 Pro is an alternative person revel in for Autodesk Maya, is designed to improve the everyday workflow and decrease the had to research the native function of instructions.
The most important idea of May9 Pro is streamlining beneficial commands right into a single keyboard button (Z), by predicting them from the context.
May9 Pro is centered on each person, from beginner to professional, from schools to studios.

A quick tour of some of the new MASH Technical Documentation. One for the Python scriptures amongst you.

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