Maya Auto Rig Script Free Download For Biped Character


Maya Auto Rig Script Free Download A biped auto rigging script using Python. This has been used in production for the game studio Reanimated Frogs’ (part of The Game Assembly) last three games. This script has been tested with Maya 2011 – 2015* and Windows 7-8. Might work on other operating systems and earlier versions of Maya which support Python.

Auto Rig Script for Maya Free Download
Maya Auto Rig Script Free Download

Maya Auto Rig Script Free Download

This is by far the biggest and most complex part of the script. The user can here create a temporary skeleton and easily position the joints in the right position. The temporary skeleton offers “aim joints” which decide where the Y-axis should point in sensitive areas like hands, fingers, and knees. With this, the script does not limit the user to only rig characters in typical A- and T-poses. The temporary skeleton can be oriented, scaled, and translated as one wants.

When all the joints have their correct positions (which usually takes 10-20 minutes) the user can create they are ready to export rig within seconds. The different components the user is able to choose (like legs, arms, spine) are optimized for Reanimated Frog’s pipeline.

Maya Auto Rig Script Free Download Create FK Controls

As we did our RTS game I saw, besides creating biped rigs, we needed lots of simple FK setups for weapons and accessories. Because of this, I created a new part of the script which do auto FK controls. With this, it’s only a matter of seconds to automatize a task that otherwise could take up to 30 minutes.


Mixamo’s Maya Auto-Control Rig Script is a Python script that works with current versions of Maya to make it easier than ever to start hand-animating or customizing Mixamo animations on any Auto-Rigged character. Download for free at Mixamo

This tutorial walks you through the new features of version 1.6.0 of the script. Now the script automatically generates a facial control rig for Fuse characters (or rather, any character compatible with Face Plus). The animation import is now simpler and new import and export batching features make integrating customized animation into any pipeline a breeze. Improved Utilities allow for more customization of your rig.

No Module Error:

If you get an error saying there is No Module then the script hasn’t been installed correctly. There are two possible causes:

1. You haven’t selected the right folder. Make sure you’re only installing the “MayaAutoControlRig” folder (NOT the entire Mixamo_Auto_Control_Rig_v_1_6_0 created from the .zip parent folder).

2. The standard directory install location isn’t right for your Maya (custom Maya install most likely). You can find what paths Maya is currently looking for modules by running this short script in the Maya Python editor – make sure to “tab” indent the print path line.

import sys
for path in sys.path:
(tab)print path

This script will return a list of directories – place the “MayaAutoControlRig” folder at one of those locations.
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