Maya BlendShapes Creating and Animating Tips And Tricks


Maya BlendShapes quick Tips And Tricks Have you ever needed to change a character’s face after you’ve already gone to the trouble to create the phonemes/expressions for animation? Check out this demo for tips and tricks on how to do it.

Maya BlendShapes Tutorial  Tips And Tricks

Blend shape is one of the most important deformer in Autodesk Maya. This tutorial will help you to know about the basics of this deformer and how to use them in Autodesk Maya.

Morph target animation, per-vertex animation, shape interpolation, or blend shapes is a method of 3D computer animation used together with techniques such as skeletal animation. In a morph target animation, a “deformed” version of a mesh is stored as a series of vertex positions. In each key frame of an animation, the vertices are then interpolated between these stored positions.

Creating and Animating Facial Blendshapes

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