Maya Deformation Learning Solver By Webber Huang


Maya Deformation Learning Solver is based on Smooth Skinning Decomposition with Rigid Bones (SSDR), the word “Learning” is picked from Machine Learning, I think it’s more intuitive than “decomposition”. Similar to Hans Godard’s Skinning Converter, this tool can convert any deformation into skinning, use for reducing the complexity of deformation and the storage spaces.

Maya Tutorial Deformation Learning Solver v1.5
Maya Deformation Learning Solver

Maya Deformation Learning Solver By Webber Huang

 For anyone who wants to crack the paper but not majors in maths, I highly recommend you to learn numerical optimization before get hands on it, trust me, this isn’t a trivial job, I still remember how frustrate I’m when the first time I tried to read the paper, it took me a few months to teach myself a lot of maths.

I also wrote a branch of articles to describe every specify stage of my research, but …………. it’s written in Chinese, I don’t have time to translate them into English yet, so if you’re interesting, make the Google translator be with you. Sorry 🙂

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