Free Female Character Jasmine Rose Rig for Maya


Fully Rigged Female 3D Character Jasmine Rose Rig is a collaborative project done by both friends Mohammed and Ahmed worked in Maya as part of it Modeling work done by Mohammed Animation and Rigging by Ahmed Hasaneen.

Free Jasmine Rose Rig
Jasmine Rose Rig for Maya

Jasmine Rose Rig Features

Rig Main Features IK/FK switch and match -Elbow and Knee Pinning -Curvy limbs with flexible controls -Mirroring and flipping -3 Systems Spine IK, FK and Reverse FK -Flexible Facial Controls with a wide range of deformations, but It Only Works on Maya 2016 Extension2  and Higher.

Feel free to:

  • Use the Maya Rig for practice and educational purposes.
  • Use the Rig to show your work in your demo reel, portfolio, on your website, etc.

You can NOT:

  • The rig is NOT allowed for financial gain (Short films, movies, commercials, etc).
  • You can’t use the Rig without giving the appropriate credits for “Ahmed Shalaby” in your works. You must put the credits into the video or the description.
  •  NOT allowed for Immoral material (Sexual imagery, extreme violence, racism, or otherwise immoral content).


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