Physics Tools for Maya That Can Easily Create Secondary Animations


Physics Tools enables you to work faster, smarter and lets you accomplish believable motion in just a few clicks away!

Physics Tools for Maya  enables you to work faster with Secondary Animations

As a indie developer I I had to come up with a way of developing as many animations as possible without compromising the quality and the believability of the motion.
For that, Richard Lico’s workflow was a great source of inspiration and allowed me to create physics tools a tool that empowers any animator with solid grounded physics, its makes use of your keyframes and breakdowns and makes the computer interpolation smarter. It suits any style and you can edit at any point.
It also features several utility tools that combined with this workflow will make you an animation god!
So to sum it up with this magic weapon you will be able to spend more time crafting your ideas and less with polishing physics.


Translation physics
Rotation Physics
Bakes object movement information to keyframes
Offset time
Euler Filter
You can create locators on selection and also bake that info to the locator
Lock any object to a point in space
Easy to reach Constraints with offsets and without

You can download at ycdivfx


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