Maya Space Switch Tool Creates a fast and reliable space


Maya Space Switch Tool by Riham Toulan he is technical animator and rigger  Creates a quick and reliable space switch setup with a variety based totally marking menu to exchange among spaces while retaining the object’s role.The tool offers a totally bendy design that would permit the consumer to without problems edit, add, dispose of and bake created spaces.

Riham Toulan Maya Space Switch Tool For Animators

Character animation and space switching move hand-in-hand. Being able to switch areas even as retaining an object’s role is important when a character wishes to address props, engage with the surroundings, or even different parts of the same individual.

Terms Of Use
The basic license is for personal projects only. If you are intending to use the tool for a project or distributing rigs you need a commercial license. You may not redistribute, rename or claim rights for the tool.

Feedback, questions and bug reporting are always welcome. However do not expect the author to provide any extra features not shown or documented in the tool.Know more 

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