Maya Wing Feather Rigging Tutorial using familiar and components


several approaches for the creation Maya Wing Feather Rigging, but  wanted to create something simple, using familiar and easily accessible components. While the use of hair follicles may seem unusual, it gets the job done with very little effort (19min). Learn more about modeling, dynamics, rigging, and Maya, with any of my iBooks in the “Theories and the Practice of Rigging” series, covering joints and joint setups, deformers, controls, modeling, and dynamics.

Maya Wing Feather Rigging using familiar and components In Maya

Maya Wing Feather Rigging That’s really cool! Is the dynamic chain attached to a follicle on a nurbs suface? How did you go about the blending of the arm?

The wing fold is nice too. Curious to how you ended up with the hairSystem/nucleus settings. The stiffness on those feathers are spot on! nice work

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