Mecha Mechs Maya Rigs From fRigging Awesome Studios


The professional rigging, studio frigging awesome released new advanced Maya Rigs Dash and Flourish namely Mecha Mechs. These characters design by Storyboard Artists Emily Gerich and Josh Sobel. The studio before released Bonnie Rig which available for paid and free versions like Mecha-Mechs Rig.

The rig comes with advanced IK/FK switches and expressive face controls, also flexible spine control to create realistic body mechanics animation. These Rigs are compatible with most of the game engines. The characters rigged with a common single-chain hierarchy, a dedicated geometry group, and four maximum skin influences.

The Mecha Mechs Maya Rigs haven’t completely tested in the game engines. There are also no textures included everything in the Maya Rig is flat, so you will likely need to assign your own colors finally in your engine of choice.

Mecha Mechs Rigs Key features

Download Mecha Mechs Maya Rigs
  • Blazing-fast playback through parallel evaluation
  • Specifically Intuitive, flexible controls for animation
  • Simple controls for expressive facial expressions
  • The Rigs support MG Picker and Character Sidekick tool.
  • Game-engine friendly *
  • Supports Maya 2018 and earlier
  • * Note: MG Picker is not compatible with Maya 2022 at this time

Use for non-commercial purposes only, like animation exercises, personal demo reels, animation contests, etc. Before downloading Please check all terms.


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