Mery Character Rig Free Rigging project by Jose


Mery Character rig is a Free Rigging project by Jose Manuel Garcia Alvarez and Antonio Mendez Lora. This is an advanced free character rig for animators to make high-quality animation.

 This is an example shot that Animation by Jesus Almela Bittini

Mery Project Team: Modeling, Look Development, Dynamic hair, Lighting & Compositing – Jose Manuel García Character Setup & Tools Development – Antonio Méndez Lora

meri rigMery Rig Free downloadMery Character rig Free Download

Use the character for practice and educational purposes, in the same way, to show work in your demo reel, portfolio, on your website, etc.

However, can’t use the character rig or any part of it for commercial purposes, like short films, movies, or any content with financial gain.
Also, You can’t use the character rig without giving the appropriate credits for “” in your works. In the same ou must put the credits into the video or the description.
You can’t use the character rig to create any pornographic, sexually explicit, violent, racist, or otherwise immoral content.
Mery project won’t be responsible for the content made with the character.
You can’t assign licenses or sublicenses for this Mery character rig and also any part of the model.

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