Mesh Wrap based on Affine-Invariant Coordinates By Pixar Graphics


Mesh Wrap based on Affine-Invariant Coordinates tool By Pixar Graphics.  The new technique to transfer the mesh connectivity between 3D models of different shapes. In contrast to prior work, our method is designed to wrap meshes under large, locally non-rigid deformations, which are commonly found in feature animations.

Mesh Wrap based on Affine -Mesh connectivity between 3D models 

To achieve this goal, we enrich the traditional iterative closest point scheme with mesh coordinates that parametrize the edge spans of the desired tessellation invariant to locally affine transformations. As a result, we produce surfaces that wrap a target geometry accurately, while resembling the patch layout of the source mesh. Our implementation also offers an interactive workflow to assist the authoring of curve correspondences. We employed this tool to wrap 600 humanoid assets to a reference mesh connectivity, spanning characters modeled over the last 15 years at Pixar.

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