Mocha Customer Show Reel 2015 Imagineer’s Show Reel Featuring Films


Mocha Customer Show Reel 2015 imagineer’s Show Reel featuring films and videos that used mocha Pro, mocha Plus or mocha AE in their visual effects process. Thank you to all the amazing customers who contributed footage (including those that are not represented in the reel

2015 mocha Customer Show Reel02 2015 mocha Customer Show Reel 2015 mocha Customer Show Reel 03 Mocha Customer Show Reel 2015

Mocha Customer Show Reel 2015

Imagineer Systems Limited is a software company that specializes in the development and maintenance of several visual effects (vfx) software applications, used throughout all levels of film, video and broadcast post-production. The company was founded in June 2000 by Allan Jaenicke and Philip McLauchlan. The pair had previously been carrying out joint research, at the University of Surrey, in advanced computer vision technology. By developing mostly specialized (fine-tuning) applications, Imagineer created a versatile product base that was both cross-platform and compatible with other third party tools, editing software, and compositing suites.



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