Maya 2017 New Update Maya Adobe After Effects Live Link


In Maya 2017 update 3 Including with Maya Bonus tolls Thar is new Maya Adobe After Effects Live Link massively hurries up the method of pushing cameras, lights, locators, planes and meshes across to After Effects. With the Live Link, you can surely drag factors from Maya to After Effects by placed it into the live hyperlink panel. Any modifications you make in  your Autodesk Maya items also are up to date in Adobe After Effects in actual-time.

Maya Adobe After Effects Live Link Compatible elements

The After Effects live link lets pushes Cameras (including Transforms, Focal Length / Aperture, Zoom) And the data exported includes Position ,Rotation and Scale ,Intensity, Cone Angle, and Color (for lights) any changes you make to your objects in Maya are also updated in Adobe After Effects in real-time.

To set up a link Live Link

you need to Open both Maya and After Effects , fast start with After Effects go to Window > Extensions > Autodesk Maya Live Link.
Now go to Maya File > Adobe┬« After Effects┬« Live Link.

Click Link All to link all well suited scene factors to After Effects, or middle-drag particular elements from the Outliner into the Specific items field and then click Link Specified.

After Effects loads the Maya scene into its cutting-edge composition. New changes to the Maya scene aslo robotically update in After Effects unless the hyperlink is damaged.

you can know more at Autodek Help

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