Node Based Auto Rigging In Maya Key Module In Rigging Process


Node Based Auto Rigging the key module in maya rigging process. One node for the most of the rigging process.
asNode is still going to include many general methods required for rigging and animation process.

Node Based Auto Rigging key module in Maya rigging process

asNode was developed with the inspiration from PyNode in PyMel, But with extended support to Rigging process.
And this doesn’t depend on PyNode in PyMel. Its purely depends only on Maya api and maya.cmds.


  • Features1. One node for most of the general process in Maya Rigging
    2. asNode was developed with the inspiration from PyNode in PyMel
    3. It has extensive support to Rigging and General Pipeline.
    4. Doesn’t depend on any external modules like PyMel
    5. Purely depends on maya.cmds and maya python api
    6. Increase programming speed in rigging & pipeline upto 3-4 times
    7. A Node with true Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    8. Auto completion list varies with change in node type
    9. Tight Integration With All Auto Rig tools like (as_EasyBird, as_EasyRig, as_EasyQuad etc

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