Lean How to Create Ocean simulation Blender


In this tutorial, you will know how to create Ocean simulation in blender using Blender simulation tools. Start taking tool form of a modifier, to simulate and generate a deforming ocean surface, and associated texture used to render the simulation data. Ported from the open source Houdini Ocean Toolkit. It is intended to simulate deep ocean waves and foam.

ocean simulation blender tutorial

Crate Ocean simulation in the blender with simulation Tools

In this tutorial learn to set up the Ocean Simulator modifier as well as a complex material node setup for water and foam.

This is not a photo-realistic setup but teaches the elements of the Ocean Simulator and how to use the Foam vertex color attribute.
Generate: creates a tiled mesh grid that exactly corresponds with the resolution of the simulation data.
When we generating a mesh surface. The existing mesh object is completely overridden with the ocean grid. The UV channel is also added, mapping the 0.0 – 1.0 UV space to the simulation grid.

Also, check out this latest tutorial How to Create Large Scale Oceans in Blender 2.8. This will help you to understand even more about ocean simulation in Blender.

Learn how to use the ocean modifier in Blender to generate displacement maps which can then be combined into a custom ocean shader enabling you to render large scale oceans without breaking your computer.

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